already there

Released: 2009 on 'London'

When Jean Pierre sent his ambulance crashing
Through midnight traffic with his blue light flashing
Just to meet some friends ‘Au Bar de la Guerre’
When the old men sat where Angie would play
Before they cut half her stomach away
Just to sit and talk and smoke, spit and swear
When a gang of young Arabs crossed over below me
In front of the traffic walking too slowly
And you knew there’d be trouble for somebody there
You were already there

When a girl sat there loud in her corner
And shouted ‘who wants me’ at the men sat before her
Then hiccoughed up and laughed and fell back in her chair
When a man with a plan and a voice ripe and slurred
Whispered her name or some name he prefered
Then carried her off when she was too pissed to care
When I lay there alone at night in my bed
With the dreams in my heart and those thoughts in my head
When I whispered ‘I love you’ and no-one was there
You were already there

When I stood there alone in the wind on the deck
Burning my youth in a French cigarette
When adventure called and I answered then and there
When words once vowed in sweetest caress
Rose carnal and bitter in loneliness
When a love that was was taken too soon to bear
When I smiled as a child at those innocent games
The sycamore seeds and the paper planes
I threw like wishes into the air
You were already there

When the candle once that burned in me
Burned so low I couldn’t see
When all my world was lost in darkest despair
When time itself seemed standing still
And I waited there for you until
I lost the will to love or even care
You came one day and stood there beside me
And the darkness was light and the dam broke inside me
And when you smiled it was like somehow I swear
You’d always been there

© Philip Jeays
Philip Jeays © Sean K

Released March 25th 2019 Angelina Supercop album

© Philip Jeays 2011-2016