Released 2012 on Ditton Pye Records.
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1. Still The Snow Falls
2. The Wind
3. Go Now
4. When Children Are Children
5. Wishing They Were You
6. My Own Way
7. The Old White Bull
8. Newhaven Harbour
9. Fairground Rides
10. The Glorious Dead

Philip Jeays © Sean K
Philip Jeays: vocal, guitars
David Harrod: piano
William George Q: accordion
Nick Pynn: banjo
Steve Pretty: trumpet
Magnus Dearness: trombone
Lorraine Bowen: clarinet
Silver Fox: harmonica
Osman Azbek: solo guitar
Lady Octavia Root-Note: bass
Henry Wetherstone: spoons
Ditton Pye: drums

All songs written by Philip Jeays.
Orchestral arrangements by Philip Jeays
Recorded at Ditton Pye Studios, 2011.

© Philip Jeays 2011-2016