Written: 1997
Released: 2001 on 'The Ballad Of
Ruben Garcia'

Ripping the hours from the mean of Greenwich
Running the ripples from shore to shore
Stealing the dreams from the eyes of the rich
Picking the love from the teeth of the poor
Forging the ranks of the cankered noblesse
Scratching the hands from the face of Big Ben
Kissing the walls with a tattooed caress
Touching St Paul's with a fractured amen
Making a wish that you already know
Catching my breath watching as you go
From Heathrow

Pushing the bridges through bridges of rain
Bridging the bridges with bridges of grey
Sewing the new to the strings of champagne
Weaving the old with the threads of decay

Holding the clouds on the brink of their death
Holding the Palace the hands of St James
Holding the wind holding my breath
Holding you close in my arms again
Walking in dreams through Hyde Park in the snow
Holding your hand laughing as we go
Down Rotten Row

Holding the days that the years postpone
Holding the leaves that the winters dethrone
Holding the lives that the gutters disown
Holding my heart London my home

© Philip Jeays 1997
Philip Jeays © Sean K

Released March 25th 2019 Angelina Supercop album

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