love and marriage

Written: 1997
Released: 2005 on 'Mr Jeays'

Marriage is love in a suit and a bowler hat that takes the train
Everyday and goes to work then takes the same train back again
Marriage is love in uniform where bedrooms become the only chance
For privates to parade on Saturdays and love is made to march instead of dance

Marriage is love in a zoo where we think we see reality
But we only see the empty shell of what once was wild
and free
Marriage is love in a cage to protect our kids from Daily Mail views
But kids are just convention's excuse for adults to walk into marriage and into zoos

Marriage is love in a church where the death bells of love chime
And lovers pretend that they believe and so deceive for the very first time
Marriage is love in a grave where lovers pass from this world to the next
And vicious old witches take their revenge as they smile and point you'll be next

So my darling I will not ask your hand though I love you
But I don't need a uniform or a cage or a church to say I do

© Philip Jeays 1997
Philip Jeays © Sean K

Released March 25th 2019 Angelina Supercop album

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