Oh To Be A God

Written: 1986
Released: 2003 on 'Fame'
The music to this is based on
Jacques Brel's song 'Jacky'.

Oh to be a God

To see the vicar so perturbed
With his decrepit greying herd
Worried in case they jump the gun
Before they find the cash to pay
For his church roof that's in decay
Or his fortnight in the sun
He uses fear on the old
You must believe or be destroyed
In hell fire one by one
Then he plays it very cool
With the kids at Sunday school
For to have any chance at all
You have to catch them while they're young
I'd be so glad if he worked for me
Though it's the height of simplicity
To rake in souls when they are down
To see his sheep up the garden path
You know would really make me laugh
And every king must have a clown

Oh to be a God

To see the soldiers pray to me
Before their final killing spree
Before their battle has begun
To see the ones who qualified
For honourable suicide
Half the brain but twice the fun
And though it's all so very grand
I should never understand
Why they should want to die so young
I'd think that it could only be
That they so want to be with me
Or just pure stupidity
But who cares when all is said and done
I'd be so glad that they fight for me
It's a distraction and you see
Days in heaven can seem so long
Judging people day after day
So takes one's appetite away
A little war helps things along
Oh to be a God

To see that singer choke to death
Clutching at his final breath
Clenching a last defiant fist
But me I really couldn't care
You know he really shouldn't dare
To say that I don't exist
But still despite my self control
I would die to save his soul
But I just don't have the time
I want to be bountiful
I want to be all merciful
But when heaven gets this full
Somewhere you have to draw the line
I'd be so glad if you'd do him down
It doesn't do to mess around
With things that men are supposed to fear
Free speech is all very well
But he can just go to hell
If he says things I don't want to hear

Oh to be a God
To be a God
To be a God
Oh to be a God
Oh to be a God

© Philip Jeays 1986
Philip Jeays © Sean K

Released March 25th 2019 Angelina Supercop album

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