paul jackson

singer songwriter &
electronic musician

As a piano and vocal performer, Paul Jackson reinterprets pop songs past and present with a stripped back acoustic approach for an intimate feel.
Paul's songs and instrumental work draw on pop music influences with fusions of electronic, classical and jazz elements to produce an eclectic mix of styles throughout his work.
As well as performing vocal and piano compositions and arrangements, he can also be found creating electronic music with epic arrangements of synthesizers and samplers in both pop and dance music genres.
Paul's musical influences span several decades of popular music including singer songwriters such as Scott Walker, John Cale, Al Stewart and Jacques Brel.
His production work has influences from artists such as Trevor Horn, Pet Shop Boys, Kraftwerk and Aphex Twin. Added to this is a passion for orchestral film scores and classical symphonic works all of which inform Paul's approach to composition and arrangement styles.

After starting life in the North of England, Paul now resides and works in Kent where he writes and records in his home studio set up.
He has composed and produced a range of eclectic contemporary music albums for dance education releasing them on his own label Dancesounds to teachers and students of contemporary dance.
He has also scored for independent short films and has had music featured on both television and radio productions.
As a performer, Paul's past musical activities have included vocals and keyboards for a large semi-professional soul covers band in West Yorkshire, regularly performing in clubs, pubs and theatre shows. He also worked in the fields of electronic dance and ambient music as a solo synth based act in Manchester club nights and venues and has also performed as a pianist and vocalist with jazz standards, pop covers and original songs. Paul has now returned to performing vocal and piano songs at venues with original material, arranged cover songs and reworked past compositions as more stripped down intimate versions. Paul's recorded output can be found online across various Bandcamp pages for different musical projects, whether it is acoustic songs, music for dance education, electronic dance instrumentals, or synth based pop.