paul jackson

singer songwriter &
electronic musician

Paul has recorded under various names for different projects over the years, and a lot of the tracks are hosted online at sites such as Bandcamp.

Paul has returned to performing stripped down arrangements and songs for vocal and piano. While recordings in this style will build in time, a couple of recent recordings for two original songs are featured here.

From 2002 to 2010, Paul composed and produced an eclectic set of works for dance in education for the Dancesounds label. These utilised a range of sounds both electronic, acoustic and sampled covering a range of time signatures, musical forms and fused styles. They are all available here in digital form along with some experimental electronica.

Keeping to a more electro dance feel, these synth instrumentals were all recorded under the name Duster Jack. They started out as fun experiments with new approaches to synth programming and sequencing and soon built up into a range of albums.

Production was the moniker covering electronic pop songs originating in the early 90s and reached as far as several live performances and a stack of demo cassettes. Paul recently returned to various unfinished songs to complete an album in 2015 bringing the Production moniker out of retirement.

In early 90's Manchester, Paul recorded and performed solo instrumental electronic music in various club nights and university gigs, taking on ambient, electro, dance and other styles at that time. A batch of recordings were put to tape in 1999 and they are hosted here on their own Bandcamp page or posterity.

Paul will be performing a vocal and piano set on Sunday 17th September as the opening spot for the Local and Live night at The Grey Lady, Tunbridge Wells.
The setlist will include renditions of the following...

To Everyone Unknown The Muse Connection Live With It Lost Again Turn

Featured track from the album 'Tonic' recorded under the electronic pop moniker Production