Singing In The Wilderness
Broadcast on BBC Radio 4
Part 1: 20 Apr 2000
Part 2: 27 Apr 2000
Part 3: 4 May 2000

This three part series was presented by Tom Robinson and traced the path of english songwriting through influences from American rock n roll, English Folk and European chanson particularly Jacques Brel. There was particular emphasis on the current english chanson scene which featured interviews and music by Des De Moor, Robb Johnson, Barb Jungr, Leon Rosselsohn and one Mr Philip Jeays etc.
Part 1 opened with extracts of songs by Des, Barb, Robb and Philip's "The Great War" which was played in full to close the programme.
Part 2 opened with an excerpt of "Say You Love Me"
Part 3 featured an interview with Philip about his songwriting influences with particular focus on the story behind "Terry's Dog"