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Cafe Royal Studio
Star rating: four

Imagine a deranged David Bowie with a punk attitude, singing numbers from a major musical devised by Steven King, and delivered with the venom of Alice Cooper. Got it? You're still well short of the mark.

What Jeays offers is 60-minutes of remarkably clever material that covers such topics as love, death, childhood, madness and murder - all delivered with manic energy, wit and malevolence. Every gesture, leer and raised eyebrow is meticulously pre-planned and executed to perfection.

Listen and watch as he delivers the ingenious Geoff, a song that vocalises his half-baked plans to murder his lifelong friend in order that he might claim his possessions for himself, you'll find yourself wondering if he really is crazy.

Crazy or not, he is a songwriter who delivers his carefully crafted material with a fiery dynamism, a malevolent glint in his eye, and his tongue firmly in his cheek. He gives everything he has, and the audience - many of whom were seeing the show for the third and fourth time - clearly loved every minute of it.

Jeays? He's quite, quite, mad, of course, but not as mad as those who miss this show.
Until August 29 (not 16th, 17th or 24th)

Drew McAdam