Battersea Barge, London
13 December 2005
The Jeays Christmas Party featured Phil performing with Dave Harrod on piano, Jezza Campbell on drums and John Peacock on guitar and bass. The Speech Painter and John Peacock did solo spots before the Jeays band performed songs as chosen by the festive crowd.
Wishing They Were You
The Devil's Tunes
Mr Jeays
The Mas De Bagne Loup
When The Sun Goes In
Here I Am
Perry County
The Turning Of The Leaves
Death Bed
Seven Signs Of Ageing
Only This High
Terry's Dog
Idiots In Uniforms
Ed Is At The Ritz
Midnight In Trieste
The Laughing Song
Beachy Head
Racing Days
Cupid Is A Drunkard
Time Gentlemen Please
Thankyou British Airways