the antelope

Written: 1985
Released: 2005 on 'Mr Jeays'

She dusts where there is no more dust
He smokes the pipe that doesn't glow
She's seen his mettle turn to rust
He's watched her lovers come and go
And on the wall I've watched them both
Since their safari honeymoon
I am the symbol of their love
An antelope who died too soon

And I could almost cry for them
But I have only glass for eyes
Just like their's when they were lovers
The day they took me by surprise

Their lives have grown so very late
They've lost the strength to slam the door
And if she still might try to hate
He doesn't notice anymore
And he goes out when she comes in
And he stays in when she goes out
And if their marriage stays within
Their promises have gone without

And I could almost scream for them
But now my mouth is dry and parched
Just like their's when they were lovers
The day they shot me in the heart

And all along the mantlepiece
Their memories have overgrown
The days together spent in bliss
Together now they're all alone
They've beaten love into defeat
Across this battleweary floor
With separate beds for their retreat
And silence for their spoils of war

And I could almost pray for them
But now I need no Gods for hope
Just like them when they were lovers
The day they killed this antelope

They shot me dead and took my head
And stuck me to this wall with glue
To think I could have run from them
But my love I was watching you

© Philip Jeays 1985
Philip Jeays © Sean K

Released March 25th 2019 Angelina Supercop album

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