the ballad of a northamptonshire girl

Shy woods watch beyond the tracks
Tin-faced skies that spit and spill
The leaves across the pavement cracks
That lovers’ superstitions fill

And you,
All fragile swagger and disdain
Anorexia and cocaine,
Well aren’t you quite,
Quite the modern girl
So detached and so controlled
You walk away so cold
I wonder why
You called my name
And even more
Quite why I came at all
And why small town people seem to think
You’ll be impressed by how much they can drink
This time of year Northamptonshire
Can freeze you to your bones Kate Jones

October seeps into the cracks
Left by September’s breaking days
Decaying houses turn their backs
And turn their thoughts to better days

And you,
All frail reason and complaint
Modern art without the paint
Well aren’t you quite,
Quite the modern girl
All double vodkas and high heels
Low esteem and high ideals
I was surprised
As anyone
To find you here
At twenty one you know
And more to then one day realise
How brightly still your light shone in my eyes
It would appear Northamptonshire
Makes shoes complete with stones Kate Jones

© Philip Jeays
Philip Jeays © Sean K

Released March 25th 2019 Angelina Supercop album

© Philip Jeays 2011-2016