the mas de bagne loup

Written: 2000
Released: 2003 on 'Fame'

'Mas' is a southern French word for a
farmhouse, usually associated with vineyards. The
'Mas de Bagne Loup' is actually the home of a friend of
mine, though the song is purely fictitious, and means 'the
farmhouse where wolves bathe' in old French.

It's snowing on a farmhouse called the Mas de Bagne Loup
And the clock in the corner says it's nearly ten to two
And he shouts that he's leaving and there's nothing they can do
And it's snowing on a farmhouse called the Mas de Bagne Loup

And Mother says listen you've nowhere to go
And if Father could care less he won't let it show
And Grandma stays quiet like she doesn't know
As outside the countryside sits silent in the snow

He throws his bag down by the door like he means to see it through
He says his bus leaves at three and it's already after two
And he's leaving for the city with some girl who loves him too
And it's snowing on the railway and on the Mas de Bagne Loup

And Grandma just sits there alone in her chair
Watching a plane crash at some foreign air fair
And she knows how it feels as he falls through the air
She'd like to eject too but there's no button there

And Father sits in silence as his son pulls on a shoe
And he doesn't move a muscle as the clock strikes half past two
Oh he knows the boy's not going and he knows he knows it too
And it's snowing on the vineyard and on the Mas de Bagne Loup

Oh they've argued so often they've forgotten what for
Now it's only the habit takes him to the door
He's been leaving so long now he's worn out the floor
But he tells them again like he's told them before

And Mother looks at her boy then at her husband too
And they all look round at the clock as it strikes a quarter to
And Mother cries and begs him to stay and talk it through
And it's snowing on the cemetery and on the Mas de Bagne Loup

And the boy stops in the doorway like he does every time
And he closes the door as the clock begins to chime
And the curtain comes down on this sad pantomime
And he says that he'll stay until the next time

And still the snow comes swirling from the heights of Pic St Loup
As somewhere a bus is leaving a forgotten rendezvous
And a girl walks home alone just like she knew she'd do
And it's snowing on the bus stop and on the Mas de Bagne Loup

© Philip Jeays 2000
Philip Jeays © Sean K

Released March 25th 2019 Angelina Supercop album

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