The Trains

Written: 2003
Released: 2005 on 'Mr Jeays'

Way back over the passing years
To the house I barely yet remember
Up in the attic the trains ran frantic
Round and round you and me my father
And there you smiled at me
With that look on your face
Like a stranger in a foreign land
And yet somehow the trains spoke with a voice
We both could understand

Time passed quickly and soon the attic
Left behind and how the track soon rusted
The words all broken or lost the trains
All put away forgotten or discarded
And silence filled the void
Where once stations had been
And so the years carried on
And everyday you moved further away
But now that you are gone
Don't walk slowly to that choir of angels
Don't hang your head in shame
Don't ask yourself what might have been
It's different now
The slate's wiped clean
It's over now
So don't walk slowly to that choir of angels
And don't hang your head in shame
Don't ask but know
That when the night is still and clear
When I hark back across the years
It's not the lies and the shouts I hear
It's the trains

© Philip Jeays 2003
Philip Jeays © Sean K

Released March 25th 2019 Angelina Supercop album

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